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From Palm Oil to Biopiracy – Correspondence from the UN Nature talks

By November 27, 2018 No Comments

The Climate Tracker team has been covering the UN Biodiversity talks in Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan and across the Middle East.

If you want to know more about key Biodiversity issues, here are 5 quick pieces you should check out:

Protest and Palm Oil: Shinta has been busy covering the NGO protest against big agribusiness, and then linking this with a piece highlighting the challenges for Indigenous peoples in Indonesia’s Kalimantan – home to the biggest Palm Oil plantations in the world.

Meat in Egypt: After an early encounter with his Environment Ministry, who told him that “Egyptians could never give up meat” – Ahmed has been looking into the impacts that Egyptian meat imports are having around the world. Read more here, and here

And in Sudan: Lina has also followed Ahmed’s lead, looking into the impact of  agricultural imports into Sudan, here and here a topic not usually discussed.

Global Coverage: Rabiya has been publishing across the Middle East, as well as in International publications – here’s a great round up in Global Voices and her coverage of a disinvestment push from Global Forest Coalition

Biopiracy: Hairil has been covering issues of Biopiracy for us this week in Indonesia – here’s some of initial concerns, and a follow up.

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