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2017 was really big for Climate Tracker! This year, we had workshops in all regions of the world, worked with new partners, and mentored over 100 fellows. So we asked our staff members what their favorite moment of 2017 was, and here they are:

Chris Wright, Director

My favourite moment of the year was our workshop in Indonesia in October. It had come off the back of 7 straight workshops across Africa, and was such an amazing way to cap off the series. The workshop was incredibly well organised by our local team, had a great venue, amazing lecturers from the government, media and NGO space in Indonesia, and had the most vibrant group of young Trackers I have ever seen. They worked from 7am to 11pm on articles and learning new skills, and still had a great sense of fun and friendship.

Chris with some of the participants
Indonesia workshop participants
Anna Perez Catala, Campaigns Manager

I think one of my best memories is Andreas Sieber being the UNFCCC and explaining the different subsidiary bodies and ad-hoc groups with papers at #COP23. I think Lina Yassin has a picture of that, and COP23 fellows Alanah, Sebas, Alo and Zaidon will remember it. I also had soooooo much fun in #Bonn this May with Arthur, Elif, Barış and Oussama – I remember the MITIGATION! moment haha, or dance moves in the CAN party. Or finding our patronus with Mrinalini late at night!

Anna with the team last May in Bonn
Andreas doing a presentation with COP 23 fellows
Andreas Sieber. Partnerships Manager

I really loved our late night sessions and our Daily Track!

Late night working session in Bonn
Our Daily Track last COP 23
Renee Karunungan, Communications Manager

This year, we’ve done many amazing things but I think my favorite moments would have to be seeing and working with the team again (after one year!). It can be difficult working apart from each other, and being together physically and talking to each other in person is much more fun. Another moment I liked was the Philippine workshop. Organizing it was a challenge, so having it all come together and having fellows who now work together and collaborate on projects was worth it.

Climate Tracker team at COP 23
Philippine workshop participants
Arthur Wyns, Campaigns Manager

The COP is traditionally a highlight for Climate Tracker, all the team members come  together in one place (and can work together in person for once) to join the most exciting Climate policy event of the year. What’s more, we bring with us these amazing young journalists from all over the world who have worked hard during our competitions and will be working even harder during COP to make an impact in their home country. I loved the 2017 group at COP23: a crazy, excited young group of people that not only had loads of fun, but also managed to talk with and learn from some of the best climate change experts in the world.

Working seriously at COP 23
Goofing off at COP 23
Lina Yassin, MENA Programme Manager

My favourite moment with CT this year was during the final day of COP23 in Germany, it was 5 am and everyone was either asleep or sleepy in the venue and I was working with the team on an infographic that summarises the outcomes of the conference, at that time I wasn’t sleepy at all because I was enjoying what I’m doing and that made me stop and think about how Climate Tracker helped me find something I’m passionate about

Lina working with the team at COP
During a late night huddle at the last day of COP
Andrea Garcia Salinas, Latin America Programme Manager

​The climate journalism workshop in Peru reunited 23 participants from Colombia, Brasil, Argentina and 6 cities in Peru. We received great mentoring from experts in climate change science, policies and journalism from the main environmental media outlets in the country. This was a great opportunity to connect and exchange our experiencies on climate action from our regions.

Peru workshop participants
Andrea (middle) facilitating the workshop in Peru
Dizzanne Billy, Caribbean Outreach Manager

My favourite moment with Climate Tracker this year would be becoming part of this amazing team again for a couple months. Also, it was great to have an increase in publishing of Caribbean articles on the Climate Tracker website this year. Also, I loved the geographical diversity of the COP 23 team. That was super special.

Dizzanne is the newest member of the team and manages the Caribbean hub as well as CT’s communications
Dizzanne at the Water and Development Congress and Exhibition

We certainly had lots of fun this year and we hope to see you again next year!

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