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The COP craziness starts again tomorrow, and at Climate Tracker we want you to be prepared for it! As you know, these negotiations will be very technical, because they try to detail the so-called “rulebook” of how to implement the Paris Agreement. So you will sit in the plenary chairs, or try to understand the contact groups, and the statements will sound like this: “about article 4c of the SBI we would like to see.. etc etc”. And then you will have to run to figure out what is SBI and what article 4c stands for, so you can have a position around it. Aaaand by then it might be too late, because they may be talking about another thing.
To avoid frustration, we prepared this infographic for you: It details some of the agenda items of the different negotiating bodies, so you can attend negotiations and feel very clever! 😉
Hope it helps!
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