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Hello Trackers,

I am Anna, the Campaigns Coordinator of Climate Tracker. I have been collaborating with this organisation for more than three years, and working with it for more than a year now.

And I have loved every minute of it!

If you already know anything about Climate Tracker, you should probably just skip straight to the opportunity page here. But it would be great if you wanted to get to know me for a few minutes as well…

I am writing to you because I am taking a leave of three months. No worries, I am coming back! 😉 I always wanted to do an amazing trip and, for many reasons, this is a good time for me to do it. And we thought that would be a great opportunity for someone else to be in my place, experience what it is to work with Climate Tracker, and give fresh new ideas!.

My routine days with Climate Tracker are very fun. I normally wake up early to catch up with everyone’s timezone. We all work from different places from around the world and it is so funny when we have skype calls. Andreas is always drinking coffee to wake up, Chris tired because it’s evening for him, … that’s what happens when you have a global organisation! But we laugh a lot and make sure to take care of each other even if we are far away. I work from home, but I try to go to cafes from time to time – to see real people! That means that many times I do skypes while cooking or eating haha (have you ever wondered why I do not always have my camera on? ;)).

My daily tasks include many things that you may know. I make sure that people around the world have opportunities to learn about climate change, attend international conferences and publish in their national media. I give feedback through our Climate Tracker app on your articles, I skype and maintain daily contact with the fellows, interview shortlisted candidates for prizes, and prepare webinars ant toolkits.

A lot of my work involves chatting with young people from around the world – and it is so much fun and I have learned a lot! I remember when I first met people like Lina Yassin from Sudan. She was only 18 and she never had published an article before in her life. After only a few months working together, she was suddenly publishing in national media, and I was the one who got to decide that we had to bring her to COP22.

I also do a lot of “hidden” tasks that are not visible from the outside. I plan long-term projects, prepare reports, monitor projects and find solutions to endless amounts of challenges that I never even knew could be problems.

This means I have to be really organised, and most of the time I am. Working close to an international city like Barcelona offers lots of cool cafes to work from and innovative co-share offices I pop into sometimes.

But when I need to get a bit creative, my secret is a chalk diagram on my balcony at home.

If you want to work with Climate Tracker, you’ll need to have a few tricks of your own as well. And you’ll need to find an awesome place to work from. But if you are a super planner, interested in meeting people from around the world, and want to spend your time working with the some of the most impressive and lovely young people, passionate about changing the world – you should apply!

Check out the opportunity here: http://app.climatetracker.org/competition/f9fe4a1c-3654-4a5e-852e-5209b31d02f2/introduction

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