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In a exclusive interview, Envirommental Minister of Argentina, Sergio Bergman, said that Costa Rica and Chile were talking about the organization of the next COP25, after the withdraw of the Brazil.

The Environment minister said that there are ongoing discussions to host the Pre COP host in Costa Rica and the COP25 in Chile. He also mentioned that Argentina will support this decision.

There’s considerable speculation this about the organization for the next UN climate talks. The support of Argentina could help end the rumour mill and would help push forward AILAC’s support for both Costa Rica and Chile.
This was later confirmed by Bolivia. Diego Pary, Foreign Minister of Bolivia, said that it’s country will support the application so the next COP stays in Latin America, pushing ALBA group for it.
Climate Tracker has since followed up with Costa Rica’s delegation who played down rumours of a decision, noting that they are still exploring how they may host next year’s negotiations.
Many negotiators that Climate Tracker has spoken with highlighted that Chile has put a considerable lobby effort into place this week, and many believe that this effort has won over several key allies within Latin American delegations.
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