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Climate Roundup – 7 November 2018

By November 8, 2018 No Comments

Hey Trackers!

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed Arthur’s daily coverage of the WHO conference with our fellow Malavika last week. If you didn’t sign up for his daily newsletter, you can see the archives here.

In the meantime, we’re preparing our fellows for the Convention on Biological Diversity in Egypt later this month, and of course for COP24 happening in December.

Climate talk season is in full swing!

New Campaign

Women in Climate Change – $100 Multimedia Grant.

Deadline: November 19.

It is more important than ever that there is media representation on women’s work in climate change. That’s why we are offering a USD$100 grant for journalists looking to do a multimedia project on how women and girls are being impacted by or are responding to climate change.

Journalists and writers are expected to use the grant money to produce a 2-part multimedia project, which will be published on the Climate Tracker website.

Up for it? Learn more and pitch your idea at bit.ly/womeninclimate

Climate Tracker in Action

20 participants from 15 countries across Latin America joined our workshop on climate finance in Panama “La ruta del dinero para el cambio climático en América Latina”. Thanks to the co-organizers CONNECTAS @connectasorg and KAS Seguridad Energética y Cambio Climático @eklakas


Yale Young Africa Scholars Program is open for applicationsThe Yale Young African Scholars Program (YYAS) is an intensive 8-day academic and enrichment program designed for African secondary school students planning to pursue tertiary education and who wish to make meaningful impact as young leaders on the continent. Participants will enhance their academic skills, receive university admission and financial aid application guidance, and join a network of young leaders from across Africa.

Youth Climate Action Conference – MYDxLCOY. Malaysian Youth Delegation is staying active in the lead-up to COP24. They will be organising a Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) – Youth Climate Action Conference from November 10-11. Inspired by the Talanoa Dialogue, the purpose of the conference is to act as a capacity building platform for the youths to share their experience, skills, insights and environmental solutions, coupled with practical workshops and presentations.

Create & own your own forest in Thailand. The Uthai Thani Agroforestry Project (UTAP) aims to reforest 113 Rai (180,800 sqm) of land in Uthai Thani, Thailand while giving interested parties, especially urban dwellers a space to plant trees, practice natural farming and try out low-impact building methods among a community of like-minded people. Learn more at their info session, 14 November, in Singapore!

What We're Reading

As unusual drought hits eastern Nepal, farmers migrate to get by. This is written by Aadesh Subedi, a Tracker who emailed me his first story for Thomson Reuters. Support him by checking out the article.

‘I did it only for the money’: Climate displacement pushes girls into prostitution. Written by Otto Simonssen, a doctoral student at Oxford University, this piece explores how climate change is pushing young girls into sex work. You can also see the documentary complement to this devastating story.

“Women and girls are disproportionately affected by climate displacement because of already existing inequalities in society….the poorest people tend to be very, very vulnerable, and that tends to be women and girls. They might be susceptible to violence, they might be trafficked, they might end up in prostitution. They become dependent on people.”

India aims to reduce air pollution by 30%. Written by our WHO fellow, Malavika Vyawahare for Huffington Post, this piece looks into the newest commitments made by the Indian government.

Twitter Watch

Tracker Love

Meet Angelica Yang, a dedicated young journalist from the Philippines. She’s just won two awards for her work, and hopes to continue covering science and the climate. Learn more about what she learned during her Climate Tracker fellowship in the Philippines.

Tell us about your accomplishments! We want to know – really. Did you publish something recently, or win an award? Tell us at lily@climatetracker.org.

Lily Jamaludin

About Lily Jamaludin

Lily Jamaludin is a Malaysian writer and researcher. Previously, she helped design education opportunities for stateless youth in Borneo, and assisted in eviction-prevention initiatives in the Bronx. She’s excited to mobilise more young writers from developing countries to influence national debate around climate change.