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Do you want to inspire other young people? Become a trainer for Climate Tracker in Istanbul, Turkey!

What is it about?

Together with two other international trainers, you will facilitate a two-day workshop on climate change and journalism in Istanbul, Turkey.

The workshop will take place on two days between March 20 and March 24, and has three main parts: Climate Science, Climate politics, and climate journalism.

You should bring knowledge and the ability to train other young people in at least one of those parts.



What will you do?

You will lead the workshop together with two international trainers. You will be responsible for one-third of the workshop and prepare and facilitate those parts.
You will have Skype sessions beforehand to discuss which parts you are responsible for and prepare them.

What will you get?

  • All travel costs will be covered
  • Accommodation will be paid
  • $350 USD Honorary
  • A media trainer certificate
  • The chance to work in an international team and inspire young people

Who can apply?
Everyone who speaks Turkish and has expertise in at least one of the three workshop parts (climate communication & journalism, climate politics or climate science)
You also have to be available for the dates of the workshop (March 20-March 24)

How to apply?
Send you application through this form until February 17. You can apply HERE.



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