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Become a Climate Tracker at the Most Important Climate Summit of Non-State-Actors

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Climate Tracker offers another unique opportunity! We will award three fellowships to the Climate Chance Summit in Nantes, France. The summit will take place from September 26-September 28.

After the biggest climate deal of human history was made in Paris, this year the world looks at COP22 in Marrakesh and expects concrete actions. On the path to COP22 the Climate Chance Summit brings together all the major non-state actors to create momentum for “concrete, ambitous and real solutions”.

It is a global summit bringing together leaders of civil society, major cities, local authorities, trade unions, scientific organizations and many more.

And you can be part of it! Climate Tracker awards three fellowships to the Climate Chance summit.
This opportunity is awarded additionally to all those who apply for our COP22 fellowship.

To apply for this opportunity sign up on http://app.climatetracker.org/ and join our COP22 campaign.

To apply for the fellowship to the Climate Chance Summit submit at least one COP22 campaign article before September 16 Sign up on http://app.climatetracker.org/

Aside from that, if you want to apply to the COP22 fellowship, you will have to submit 3 articles until October 7 (all information here: http://climatetracker.org/trackingcop22-campaign/)

What does the fellowship include?

  • Conference accreditation
  • fully paid Accommodation in Nantes
  • 200€ stipend for your travel costs

Who can participate?

Everyone between 18 and 35 years! Just sign up for our COP22 campaign and submit on http://app.climatetracker.org/

How will the Trackers be selected?
The best writers will be chosen among the applicants by analysing their outreach and writing skills. You can check our rating system for articles here.

How do I pitch to editors?
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It is my first time publishing, can you help me?
For sure! We have created toolkits and handbooks to make your work easier. Check here for a handbook on writing about climate change and on how to write an effective op-ed.

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