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Back on Track with Writing

By July 1, 2016 No Comments

When I heard about the first publishing window was to be held from 5th – 15th April 2016, I was frantic because I have been literally rusty over the years. I never had time to challenge myself to write on environmental issues due to work schedules. The last article I did in a daily was probably in 2007. I promised myself, I would resuscitate my innate passion especially now that it has to do with climate change. With my zeal for research, I started collating data and reading current topics on related issues. It occurred to me that I may have a serious challenge in publishing the articles, so I went online to get contact details of some major newspapers in Nigeria; I wrote to their editors telling them about my fellowship and the need to put up my publications in their dailies. The rest is history now.

I was really elated to discover that my name was inscribed on the list of 15 Climate Tracker Fellows to carry out the second campaign in May 2015.  The Fellowship provided me with a unique opportunity to sharpen my writing skills while highlighting issues around climate change and fossil fuel. During the fellowship I gained access to a variety of people and organizations, and I had the chance to view writing from different perspective. This experience was amazing and I am sure that no advocacy could have provided me with this opportunity.

The Break Free campaign was so powerful because it was a global collaboration. During the period I got more insight about the situation in Niger Delta which has been devastated by oil spills and gas flaring. The Nigerian Government launched a programme to clean up the region. Invariably, I inculcated some of these information to localize fossil fuel problems and the need to transition to renewable energy.

Frankly, it was a tough challenge, but the Climate Tracker team – especially Anna and Renee – were able to provide a lot of resources during the campaign. The Skype calls were an avenue to discuss some of the topics and how to churn out an engaging article.

The toolkits helped me gain insight for writing the articles. The webinars were also another source of inspiration as some guests gave firsthand account of their experiences and current issues in global climate change. One of my favourite was on “Fossil fuel Corporations and Democracy” with Jesse Bragg from Corporate Accountability International.

The Google hangout on 3rd of May 2016 was an opportunity to meet some climate fellows online but due to some network issues it didn’t really work out but nevertheless I could remember Maurico, Mirna and Norah.

This experience surely has aroused my writing skills and an opportunity to build relationships with other Fellows across the world. Thank you Climate Tracker for this rare chance.

Emeka Ulor

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