Climate Tracker is in Geneva, participating in the first-ever global summit on Air Solution and Health. The summit, organised by the World Health Organisation, hopes to find solutions for the all-pervasive issue of air pollution.

But the high level political discussions behind closed doors can make it difficult for regular citizens to engage with the important international event.

An art installation called “Pollution Pods” hopes to make the issue of air pollution more tangible for those who interact with it.

In 5 separate domes, the air quality of 5 cities around the world is imitated. Passersby can walk from dome to dome to experience air quality in Norway, London, New Delhi and Sao Paulo.

The citizens of Geneva can now experience with all their senses what it means to live in a air polluted city,” explained Mr Valentin Zellweger, from the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations, at the opening of the installation.

British artist Michael Pinsky at his installation ‘Pollution Pods’ in Geneva.

The exhibit aims to raise awareness about the reality in different regions of the world regarding air pollution and health, and increases demand for action, artist Michael Pinsky explains.

The different air environments were created by local artists from each city, using harmless substitutes to recreate the smell, feel and particulates in the air.

The first dome you walk into recreates the Norwegian air. It’s there to sort-to-speak cleanse the pallet, before moving on the heavily polluted air of London and New Delhi.

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