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Participate in Climate Trackers Arab World Journalism Program and win a fully funded fellowship to the Bonn climate negotiations in May or an Online fellowship!

The Arab region is one of the most affected by climate change, but little action is seen yet to stop the consequences. We believe that we need an informed public debate in the media to change this. That is why Climate Tracker is launching a journalism program only focused in the Arab region. Together we can raise awareness of the topic in media in the region and influence governments and policy makers!

Get a fully funded fellowship to the UN climate negotiations:

The best 2 writers will get a chance to attend the UNFCCC’s intersessional in Bonn for one week (in May 2017). We will also award 3 online fellowships with specific and tailored training from Climate Tracker.

JOIN US HERE: http://app.climatetracker.org

ARAB World

Are you interested? Here what you have to do:

Between the 6th of March and the 14th of April you have to write two articles about two specific topics we will give you. Then you have to publish them in media in your country or region. It can be a newspaper, a magazine, an online news site, etc. Once an article is published, you have to submit the link to us through our app: http://app.climatetracker.org

Climate Tracker will revise the articles submitted through the app, give you feedback and tips, and select the best writers, who will win the different prizes mentioned.

The two topics are the following:

  • First publishing time (06-24 March): Analyse, critique, propose national policies to combat climate change for your own country or region
  • Second publishing time (27 March – 14 April): Climate finance and adaptation to climate change in your country or region

To help you write about these issues Climate Tracker will be sending you toolkits, will prepare webinars with experts and give you help and feedback on how to pitch to editors, get an article published or learn more about climate in your region. To be up to date with the details of the program, check the app regularly http://app.climatetracker.org and join the Climate Tracker arab world Facebook Group.



What is the the Arab journalism Program about?

This journalism program wants to raise the issue of climate change in the arab world. Your main goal is to write articles about the topics we are giving you, in order to raise awareness in the region amongst general public and policy-makers.

What do I have to write about?

You have to first write an article related to policy to combat climate change in your country. Is there a climate policy? Is it enough? Is it being implemented? What should the government improve, implement, work towards… For example: is your government promoting renewable energy? Or still exploiting fossil fuels? If so, maybe you can explain why there are missing a great opportunity in terms of economy, jobs, preserving the planet, etc. and the consequences this can have for the future.

The second article should be related to climate finance and/or adaptation. Your country is already suffering from the impacts of climate change, such as droughts, water scarcity, … how is the country adapting to it? What policies or actions should be put in place? Why is this necessary? Or, is the country receiving climate finance? Why is this necessary? Is it enough? What can the country do with this money, or what should do more?

These are just some broad ideas to make you think about the topics. We will be sharing toolkits with you with data, expert quotes, etc, to make your job easier.

Where do I publish my article?

You have to find a news site, blog, newspaper, magazine, etc. Willing to publish your article. It can be at a national, regional, local or international level. Aim for the one with best outreach across the region.

If you never published before, we are here to help you! Check the “how do I pitch to editors” question below.

Can I use other formats aside from writing?

Yes, you can also send us video, putting it in youtube and sending us the link, or radio, if you send us the link of the radio programme where you appeared and a transcript of your intervention.

In which language can I publish my article?

We encourage you to write in Arabic. You can publish in any language you prefer. You can choose depending on which audience you want to reach and why.

Which countries are eligible?

All countries from the Arab region.

What do I do if my country is not in the eligible countries list?

We are sorry to hear that. This campaign is very specific for the Arab world, but we will have many more campaigns and opportunities coming that are open to other regions or to all the world in general. Please keep in touch and follow us on social media!

Is there an age limit?

We accept applicants that are between 18 and 30 years old, but you are encouraged to apply anyway if you do not fulfill this requirement.

How will the final Trackers be selected?

The best writers will be chosen among the applicants by analysing their outreach and writing skills. You can check our rating system for articles here.

The final shortlisted may be asked to write another article or demonstrate their journalistic skills in some other way if the final decision is difficult.

What will Climate Tracker do in Bonn?

Climate Tracker has a long history of attending UNFCCC negotiations. There you will follow the latest advancements in implementing the Paris Agreement, we will report about it to make it understandable to the general public. You will also have the chance to meet governments, NGOs, journalists and climate activists from different parts of the world.

This year’s Bonn conference is from the 8th to the 18th of May. Winners will attend one week each – fully funded!

What is a writing fellowship?

Writing fellows are paid to deliver a certain amount of articles about certain topics. They also receive personalised training by Climate Tracker and help in refining the publishing skills. It is an amazing opportunity to grow as a writer and collaborate with the Climate Tracker team.

How do I pitch to editors?

Pitching your story to an editor can be a very difficult part of your work. We know that. We have several tools and ideas to help you. First of all, check this funny piece on how to find editors. Afterwards, you can read this summary on how to do a good pitch, and learn from the practical example it gives. Finally, some last tricks to boost your success.

It is my first time publishing, can you help me?

For sure! We have created toolkits and handbooks to make your work easier. Check here for a handbook on writing about climate change and on how to write an effective op-ed. And also amazing tips on what works and doesn’t when communicating climate change.

Here a list of other shorter toolkits that you may find useful:

7 ways to write a good introduction

8 ways to improve your writing

3 minutes guide to writing a news article

6 things you need to know when using a quotation

7 tips on doing research for your article

11 punctuation marks you need to use correctly

How to conduct an interview

Writing an effective features article

Communicating climate jargons


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