Climate Tracker started with the belief that with the right support, any young person around the world can become a powerful voice for climate change.

Since 2009 we have brought incredibly talented teams of young reporters to the UN climate negotiations, where they have infamously become known as Negotiator Trackers. Their combination of passion, insight and drive made us realise how powerful young citizen journalists can become.

Over the years we slowly expanded our programs until 2014, refining our understanding of the global media landscape.

Then in 2015, we offered one-on-one trainings, skills development courses and mentorships that helped hundreds of young journalists shape their national climate change debate. We created 58 webinars and training videos and published over 2000 articles around the world.

This year we continue to connect with young people around the world through 7 different regional Hubs, acting as training grounds for young Climate Trackers around the world.

We have engaged thousands of young people across dozens of languages. We have published articles in over 107 different countries and continue to believe that any young person with the right support and persistence can shape their national media landscape.

Whether you are a first time writer or a seasoned journalist, this app, is your chance to join this movement.

Join us today to gain access to amazing opportunities to travel around the world. Be trained from the best Climate journalists in the world. And connect with an amazing network of young writers around the world.

Now is your chance to join this global movement. It changed my life, it might change yours.

Or, if you are interested in partnering with us and inspiring young voices around the world, please let me know.

Chris Wright
Director, Climate Tracker


Climate Tracker Europe is a network of more than 400 young influencers from over 25 countries. We offer live changing opportunities for European journalists, bloggers and young people who are passionate about the climate.

Climate Tracker Europe organizes conferences, conducts mentorship programs and trainings or offers scholarships. Through Climate Tracker Europe you will also have the chance to participate in UN conferences around the world and track the most important climate negotiations of our time – fully funded.

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Caribbean Climate Trackers is a hub of the wider Climate Tracker programme. It is a youth-led writing initiative which seeks to encourage young, Caribbean people to write about climate change issues in their country. It will amplify and strengthen their voices through training and providing opportunities for exposure. It will engage students of secondary schools and involve them in research and writing about climate change as they understand and experience it. Through Caribbean Climate Trackers, young people will harness and grow their writing skills as it relates to the climate change discourse on a national, regional, and international level.

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The Brazilian Hub aims to introduce the youth to write about climate change, environmental activism, and creating change.

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Latin America

Climate Tracker Latin America is a hub of the international movement that seeks to train youth in the region in the communication of climate change. Aware of the key role that our countries have on this purpose, we consider essential to promote the publication of articles about the daily issues that affect us in its link with the global problem of climate change. We are creating work alliances with regional media to facilitate the publication of articles from different countries of the region and with different perspectives and approaches.

We aspire to dedicate this second part of the year to the theme of habitat, central to the search for solutions to climate change in Latin America, through monthly Webinars, publishing articles and the follow-up of the conference in Quito.

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South Asia

The South Asia Hub of Climate Tracker helps improve awareness of youth on climate change and environmental issues, build their writing and advocacy capacities and link them to various opportunities for skill building, so that they can contribute more effectively to the global climate movement. Currently the hub has close to 1000 youth members from all over South Asia.

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Southeast Asia

Climate Tracker Southeast Asia aims to engage young people in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Brunei, and the Philippines. The hub is currently a work in progress.

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Climate Tracker Africa is currently a work in progress.

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Climate Hub Balkans is a resource center for young people from the Balkans interested to learn more and write about climate change issues. Currently the hub has 75 members from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia. The Balkan Hub also has members from outside the Balkans interested to learn more about climate issues in this specific part of the world. We share information about the climate negotiations, climate news and views on climate issues from Balkan countries and the world and inform our members of upcoming opportunities and trainings. The Climate Hub Balkans main goal right now is to raise awareness about climate change in the region and create space for climate related news in regional media.

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Chris Wright

Chris Wright


Our resident Director, performance poet and kind-of-Founder. Chris has been tracking the UN Climate negotiations through 6 years of bad hairstyles, and is constantly amazed at the passion and incredible talent of fellow Trackers around the world.

Renee Karunungan

Renee Karunungan


Renee Karunungan is a Filipino activist. She is Climate Tracker's outreach manager, handling the organization's communication needs. She sends out love letters to trackers every week. She believes she's still an analog girl in a digital world.

Anna Perez Catala

Anna Perez Catala


Anna is an environmental scientist passionate about climate change. She has a great interest in politics and communication, and loves getting involved in civil society movements to change the world. She also coordinates campaigns in Climate Tracker and loves getting to know wonderful people from everywhere!

Mrinalini Shinde

Mrinalini Shinde


Mrinalini Shinde is an Indian lawyer, with a focus on environmental and climate laws. Along with legal practice, she has experience working in new media, non-profits and start-ups. She enjoys cooking vegan food, and practising martial arts.

Andreas Sieber

Andreas Sieber


Andreas is a media researcher, data-lover and passionate climber. He has organized some of the biggest youth campaigns in Germany, worked for several NGOs and coordinated the press analysis in the Saxon State chancellery. He manages partnerships and campaigns for Climate Tracker.

Paul Day

Paul Day


Paul Day builds technology for progressive causes. He is passionate about helping organisations collaborate and campaign to solve global issues.

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