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5 Trackers 5 Languages on COP21 Day 3

By December 3, 2015 No Comments

One of the most amazing thing about being at the UN, is the diversity. It’s literally the ocean in a tea cup.

Within the 196 represented parties here at COP21, are hundreds and probably thousands of languages. In our Tracker team this year, it’s no different. Here’s a short sample of the multi-lingual work our team has put out on Day 3 of the Climate Negotiations.

Note: Get your Google Translate on


Our first tracker to celebrate is Bangladeshi Sohara Mehroze, who reflected on “the importance for peaceful protests for climate justice to continue around the world in the aftermath of protests being banned in Paris”. It might not seem like much, but Sahara tells me that looks can be deceiving:

“For some symbols, they can represent an entire word”.

Madagascar flag

Our Malagasy tracker explained to me that in her native language, there are so many unique words to translate, that fact:

“There are so many words without any translation, that it can be very hard to write in Malagasy”.

But Domoina won’t let that hold her back. On day 2, Domoina got straight to work, aiming to spread her ideas in French across Madagascar and French Africa.


If given the chance, Anna’s whole life would be decided through consensus decision-making and cooperative hand signals. Or maybe this is just the legacy of being politically active in Barcelona.

Regardless, this week, Anna has been pounding the keyboard with her latest Spanish Day 2 round-up.



“Last night (after midnight) I went for a run, it just helps to clear my head sometimes”

Whether it does or not, Andreas has been doing an amazing job of keeping his German fans up to date.



Greece has barely had a presence in the negotiations at all this year. In fact, after taking a photo wit(out) his delegation in Bonn, his Greek articles have been critical to keeping people informed, no matter how bad the economics are right now.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.28.09 am




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