Clean and environment friendly technologies seem to be becoming popular these days. And why not? With the urgency of climate change and other environmental issues, these new technologies can help significantly in reducing waste, and harnessing green energy so we wouldn’t have to rely on bad old fossil fuel. Here we have a round-up of some of the latest and most amazing technologies that can help save the planet!

1. An edible, compostable, and drinkable plastic bag

We know, right? We couldn’t believe it at first too! What is an edible, compostable, and drinkable plastic bag? How does it work? Well, it is a plastic bag made out of cassava root starch and was made without any petroleum product. It is made by a company called Avani based in Bali, Indonesia. Don’t believe us? Watch this video:

2. Eco-friendly burial suit

Want to be an environmentalist beyond the grave? There’s this eco-friendly burial suit infused with mushrooms and microorganisms. It is built by COEIO and according to their website, “The suit is completely biodegradable and was co­-created with zero waste fashion designer Daniel Silverstein. The Infinity Burial Suit has a built in bio­mix, made up of of mushrooms and other microorganisms that together do three things; aid in decomposition, work to neutralize toxins found in the body and transfer nutrients to plant life. The end result of being buried in the Infinity Burial Suit, or any of Coeio’s products, is that bodies are transformed into vital nutrients that enrich the earth and foster new life.”


3. Biodegradable drones that will help in humanitarian missions

With the advancement of technology comes one major problem: electronic waste. E-waste has a lot of environmental  and health hazards including accumulation of chemicals in soil, water, and food. However, we cannot deny that we need technology. In some cases, technology is used to save lives, like drones that are used for blood deliveries in Rwanda. But, what if, instead of using the usual drones, someone developed biodegradable ones? That’s what Otherlab started working on: biodegradable drones to help deliver medical supplies in countries such as Rwanda. Watch the prototype:


4. ZERA food recycler – turning food waste into fertilizers in 24 hours

Compost can takes months to create, but with this new technology from Whirlpool, it will only take 24 hours! This is very useful for those who have gardens at home…or maybe you can start your own fertilizer business! Watch the video to find out how it works and donate to their crowdfunding to make this technology come true!


5. Sunflare Solar wallpaper

Yup, that’s right! There’s now a solar technology that’s as thin as a wallpaper and can stick in nearly any surface using a, yes, sticky tape. According to Len Gao in his interview with sustainable brands, “This technology can be used just about anywhere. On curves, on the sides of buildings or integrated into building materials, built into anything mobile. Our vision is that anything built under the sun should be powered by the sun.” Do we even have an excuse not to go solar? Check out Sunflare!
Sunflare camper1


New technologies are being invented every day to make our lives easier and better. But, sometimes these technologies come at the cost of the environment. And so, we are excited that in recent years there has been a rise in new technologies that not only makes our day to day lives easier but also helps in taking care of the environment. Do you have any other new technologies to share?


About Renee Juliene Karunungan

Renee, from the Philippines, is currently Climate Tracker's Outreach Manager. She was a Climate Tracker fellow and was named by The Guardian as one of the "Young Climate Campaigners to Watch Before the UN Paris Summit" in 2015.