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48 Hours to Win a Fellowship Opportunity!

We have one spot available to join us in the Mediterranean Youth Climate Forum (MYCF) and MEDCOP22!

The conferences will be held from the 17th to the 20th of July in Tangier, Morocco. They will prepare the mediterranean region and set the discussion towards COY12 and COP22. They will be a great opportunity to engage and coordinate youth climate action in the region!

The fellowship includes transportation to Morocco and accommodation during the days of the conference.




How do I apply?


You have to be from one of the eligible countries, which are: Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Cyprus, Montenegro, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania.


You need to present us a fun, awesome and innovative project related to climate change reporting. You will have to implement it 4 weeks after the MedCOP, and involve at least one more person in it.


To present us the project, you have to send us a 30 second video explaining this very cool project that you have imagined. Or if you prefer, a photo taken by yourself that represents the project, with a project description below. The video or the picture have to be added to the Climate Tracker group, so we can check them.


Attention! you also have to fill this very short form to know your skills and availability for this conference.


Only applicants that send us the form and the photo/video will be considered!


Deadline for sending the application is Thursday 16th June 5pm UTC/GMT+2

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