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Wednesday, 16th of November,  4th day in the second week of COP22 — so far 110 parties have ratified the Paris Agreement which points towards a successful first week. However, if we look at what happened in the first week you will notice that some discussions progressed slowly and some discussions have not progressed at all, like loss and damage.

This week, more than 100 head of states and ministers have arrived, they were welcomed by the king Muhammad VI on the red carpet. SBI and SBSTA have closed and CMA1 was opened by a speech from the president of COP22 Mr. Mezouar where he described the entry into force of the Paris Agreement in less than a year of its adoption as a testament to countries’ commitment in addressing climate change, there was also the high-level segment which was preceded by the opening of CMA1, the king of Morocco called upon advanced developed countries to honor their commitment in mobilizing $100 billion by 2020 and the French president, Mr. Holland assured that France will contribute with $5 billion per year by 2020 including $1 billion for adaptation.

Today is also Africa day. The day started with an event that discussed African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) with the appearance of COP22 president, COP21 president Ségolène Royal, presidents of Togo, Botswana and Guinea. The head of AREI attended the day as well and also representatives of Germany, Sweden and EU. All speakers talked about the importance of AREI, Germany’s representatives said “AREI is a clear political signal for the world that Africa has chosen a transformative approach to advance economic growth to renewable energy and that sustainable development and climate action can be effectively combined” and the EU representative said “Many future entrepreneurs are unable to flourish because of the lack of energy.”


COP 22 is in its final days of negotiations. Photo from IISD.

Germany has announced that they have invested 4.3 billion dollars for implementing AREI in 2016 only and they have committed 3 billions euros up to 2020. Sweden will spend 1 billion dollar over AREI and other initiatives. African leaders also asked G7 countries to fulfil 10 million dollars pledge to support developing nations in their clean energy policies. The day continued with serval events about Africa and its role in climate actions.

Lina Yassin

About Lina Yassin

Lina Yassin is a chemical engineering student and Climate Tracker's MENA Programme Manager. Lina is passionate about engaging and raising the level of environmental awareness among the youth.