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Costa Rica: Close to 100% Renewable

By May 6, 2015 No Comments


The Central American nation has been a long time leader on the transition to renewable energy, and it has almost reached its goal of an entirely renewable energy mix.

In April, the state electricity company, ICE, announced that in 2015, 97 percent of the country’s energy supply would come from clean sources.

In order to reach its goal of 100% renewable energy, the country now needs to look towards expanding geothermal energy supplies, and dealing with the difficult process of transitioning away from carbon emitting vehicles.

Former minister of environment and energy René Castro (2011-2014) is a strong believer in the potential of geothermal energy:

“It is possible,” Castro told Tierramérica. “Two changes are needed: ICE would need to expand geothermal energy production, and the extraction of this source of energy in national parks would need to be authorised, while paying royalties to the parks and replacing the land used, twice over: if 50 hectares are used (in a park), the equivalent of 100 percent of its ecological value would be replaced.”

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