3 Minute Guide to Writing a News Article




What is an inverted pyramid article?

The inverted pyramid style, also known as “front-loading”, puts the most newsworthy information at the top, and then the remaining information follows in order of importance, with the least important at the bottom.

This technique requires the reporter to summarize the story, to sum up quickly and concisely answer the most important questions at the top of the story. First it states the thesis and then provides the supporting material.


Why is it useful?

The inverted pyramid technique is particularly useful for web-writing, where audiences have low attention spans and readers more often scan than read articles.

This way, readers can quickly decide whether or not to read the article, and if they decide to pass on it, they will anyway get the most important details.

Furthermore, having the best information and keywords close to the start of the page is good for search engine optimization.


How do I do it?

First, make your initial paragraph contain all of the most relevant details of the article. A good guideline is to use the 5W: who, what, when, where and why.

Then front-load every paragraph. Start each paragraph with the main point or conclusion in the first one or two sentences, limiting it to only one idea. By doing this, you allow your readers to skim your entire article and get an overview of it by simply reading the first sentence or two of each paragraph.  

Well-composed headings at the beginning of each section will help your readers to skim and scan the entire article looking for points of interest.



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