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Since Brazil pulled out, rumours around next year’s UN climate hosts has dominated the discussions around the venue’s free coffee stall lines. With an initial offer from Costa Rica, growing speculation over Chile, and the ever-present threat of another Bonn COP has led many negotiators to contemplate next year’s plans.

Climate Tracker recently undertook a multi-country investigation on this very issue. What began with country experts, participatory processes, multi-stakeholder facilitation and top-down talano-ing let to the only plausible result. A cool infographic.

Below is the result of our own multilateral assessment of the 10 most important things to consider when picking next year’s UN climate circus tent.



This un-biased study was conducted with the support of Chris, Sebas, Maju, Andrea, Vivi, Rodrigo, Lina & Arthur. All people photographed above are probably ok with being identified.  


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